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Your "friends." Is also common before the word "G"
"YO wassup mah hommies?" "HOMMIE G!"
by PumpkinJack November 11, 2004
Devonian farmer speak for Neighbours
I wen' round ta see me hommy's yesterday to have a puff on me pipe and talk about Cornish pasties all day long, twas a good 'un
by Farmer Josh January 23, 2011
pronounced (ha-mee) NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH HOMIE (friend),it is short for "homocide". It can also be spelled "hommie"
example of hommy: "my niggaz wilin, catchin hommies, stabbin police" - Reed Dollaz
by AyYoU October 29, 2006
Hommies or Hommy (in the sing.) - pronounced: homm-E

a Germano-slavic term referring to 'a repressed sexual attachment between male counterparts in their pursuit of socially acceptable male bonding'.

Very frequently covered through the aggressive pursuit of sport and make believe. Used most frequently as a term of endearment and spoken with aggressive optimism.
"Hey Hommies! I am super-stoked about our upcoming frisbee tournament and Dungeons and Dragons cabin trip."

subtext: "I am aggressively optimistic about channeling the awkward sexual tension between us through mildly erotic pastimes"
by Emilio House March 24, 2010