Someone from the same geographic area as you are. Someone from your home.
That's my homeboy from the crooked letta.
by Barry April 06, 2004
Top Definition
Incorrect spelling, right word is homie
Don't put 2 M's in homie, retard.
by anonymous November 22, 2004
1. Completely ridiculous misspelling of the word 'homie', used by wannabe hip hoppers who think they have a good vocabulary but haven't yet discovered that the two Ms together make an AWW sound on the O....

2. Person from the city of Homs, Syria or Homs, Libya.
1. "What up hommie, I just got a pizza fromm that new pizza place, and I'm going homme to eat somme, wanna comme along?"

2. "Yo man, one day us Hommies are gonna cross to the other side of the Sahara!"
by osibisa November 04, 2007
Short for Homicide.
The economy is down so y'all already know theres gonna be a lot of hommies in the town
by 22inthebubblegoose October 09, 2009
A friend who will allways part a blunt with you. never screw up the rotation or caugh in the bong, least not while the bowl pointin right at ya.
"Yo' hommie pass that shit!""a hommie you hear that, look, look there""a i aint see shi.. hey did you take that blunt.""nah u smoked it all hommie(caugh caugh)"
by Lupu August 27, 2003
Yo beeyatch! It's "hoe-mee". Two syllables. Nice try tho.
What up hommie! Send some of that chron over here!
by OlSpazzy April 03, 2003
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