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a gay black dude
you-ay u c wut De'von wuz wearin'
lashea-yea he look like a straight homiesexual
by mamacita19 July 31, 2008
14 12
A straight male who recieves oral pleasure from a gay male. But assures you he is straight.
Jordan got head from James, but told him that he has a girlfriend and loves girls completely. He is a Homiesexual.
by Justified August 30, 2005
40 24
Any type of Gangster or (homie) who displays homosexual tendencies.
Any gangster that wants to "pop a cap" but their wrists are too limp to hold it up. They're a homie sexual
by Archbishop Stronghand April 14, 2009
11 5
1. A man or woman who is openly homosexual, but doesn't throw their sexual orientation in the faces of others, making them still a really chill person to hang out with.
2. One who is sexually attracted to those who partake in gang-related activities
1. Friend #1: Tom's gay? I'm not sure how I feel about that...
Friend #2: Chill, man! He's homiesexual!
2. Diane found Frank to be extremely ugly, but the way he packed a glock really got her going.
by Squatta November 16, 2012
6 1
your gay best friend or a way to refer to men you treat as such
"Hey, hold my purse while we shop."
"Why are you gay-best-friending me?"
"Relax, homiesexual."
by quackgurl00 January 13, 2012
3 1
A term to describe a homosexual from a ghetto or hood.
yo did you see that homie-sexual over there? Man he was gay
by big naub April 12, 2011
3 1
A group of friends that are sexual in all aspects of their daily lives.
They call us the homiesexuals because we're homies - and we're definitely sexual.
by CiscoDan December 23, 2013
1 0