Possible origin from the French word Hommes which translates to "Men", as in "Pour Hommes"; for men.
Yo, dat shizzle is not for me, it's Pour my Hommes.
by Rick July 12, 2004
Homeschoolers that follow patriocentricity and give the rest of homeschooling a bad name. The FLDS could be considered a group of homies.
My kids call the militant homeschoolers who follow these weird groups "homies" as a joke.

The "homies" and the FLDS have much in common.
by evangelical feminist December 07, 2008
instead of sayin swear to god..you would say..on the homies..meaning people that u know that have died..they're your homies
Person one: yo i was with this fine ass girl tonite
Person two:say homies!!
Person: homies!
by Jordan Batts July 22, 2005
the most overused stupid word ever!!!
Are we homies?

You guys are homies!

They're my homies!

I love the word homies!
by Becky142011 May 11, 2008
Plastic dawgs from da hood sold at pizza shops and stuff.
Also fun to melt in the microwave.
by capt. homie henry May 23, 2004
to swear on a homie's grave about something.
Black guy one: "you did NOT do that."
Black guy two: "Word I did."
Black guy one: "Say hoooomiiiies!"
Black guy two: "Homies!"
by intimidated eh May 05, 2006
Wigger slang meaning "losers I hang out with"
Sup daw'? Me an' ma homies wuz out knittin da sweatas wit my mama lass nite, bro.. Were you been at?
by TheNeonRaindeer January 28, 2003

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