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1. Somebody that is your Homegurl/homeboi, that you kick it with, have sex with, and trust.
2. The dude nobody knows ur secretly having sex with, everyone thinks ur "best friends"
3.Yall both are in relationships but cant get enough of each other.
friend: "Are you and Tony dating?"
You: "naa thats my homie-lover-friend!"
by Jay8 December 06, 2006

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A friend who you kick it with homie and have sex with lover. Popularized in the 90's by R Kelly, popularly referred to as The R or the R(ah).
R Kelly lyric:
Some one who can relate to what i have in store,
She can kick back with da homies, play the stake and getting played
That down to earth gyirl from around the world hey
We will be together for all times, i need a homie lover friend that will alway
Be mine
by jon lic May 27, 2008