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what bloods refer to each other as
whats poppin up homie.
by uncle fester April 20, 2003
Usually blacks are using this word and it's a same that homeboy.
My muthafuckin homies
by ika August 16, 2006
Short for Homosexual.
Bob: "I'm going to chill with my homie."
Sam: "That sounds... Gay."
Bob: "... ya well, it is."
by Harbringer of Truth April 22, 2008
short version of the word "homosexual"
1: Hey mah homie, watz up?
2: My dick, from lookin at choo!

Me and my homie went over to this behatches house and gang banged him.
by James and Mel May 11, 2005
A Black Guy
Damn, homie is fine as hell!
Good Lord, homie busted!
by Maria and Mindi March 27, 2003
A "Homie" is another term for Close Friend, or Best Friend. Homie is commonly used by people from East Coast and West, mostly in urban areas and cities, and people who are fans of Rap and Hip-hop. Anyone can use this word, but it is often depicted as a "African American" word, or "Gangster Slang".
Tyrone: Yo, Sup Homie
Lamar: Nothing much Homie, just chillin'
by KrissKing August 10, 2014