Noun: Cool, awesome, spiffy, nifty, far out

Don't ask my friends and I randomly said it one day, and it stuck... lol
Your hat is very homie.
by Shelbye The Science Guy October 11, 2007
Gangsta term for friend
sort for homeboy
"safe homie"
"safe homes"
by Blade 2005 July 17, 2005
Person you know from your hometown or neighborhood. Originated in 1940-50's in African American culture
Students away at College, or persons visiting or moved to another city or town and noticing someone from their hometown. This person was called "hometown" which was later shortened to "homie" There goes my hometown friend Tonya. In a greeting, "Hey Hometown!" Used then and today, "That's my homie Tonya"
by Alicia Y August 29, 2006
what bloods refer to each other as
whats poppin up homie.
by uncle fester April 20, 2003
A term first used by members of the corporate media generated lower class urban black culture. As this group has become the cultural majority, displacing traditional American culture and degrading the English language, it has been adopted by angry white people. It is generally used to refer to any black person who is seen wearing a numbered jersy, pants pulled down six to eight inches below the belt line, and a rag tied around their head. These homies are usually seen shuffling slowly along the sidewalk, alternately spitting and grabbing their crotch every few steps while rhythmically chanting obscenities.
{after spotting a group of black teens fighting and smashing bottles in the middle of the street} "Oh look, it's the homies in the mist."
by angrysteve June 01, 2005
Usually blacks are using this word and it's a same that homeboy.
My muthafuckin homies
by ika August 16, 2006
Short for Homosexual.
Bob: "I'm going to chill with my homie."
Sam: "That sounds... Gay."
Bob: "... ya well, it is."
by Harbringer of Truth April 22, 2008

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