Vernacular Black English for someone from the same city as the speaker; now used by young urban whites as well.
Yo, homie, what it is?
by Brandon December 10, 2003
another word to give the user a false sence of brotherhood. see dawg
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
Gangsta term for friend
sort for homeboy
"safe homie"
"safe homes"
by Blade 2005 July 17, 2005
Noun: Cool, awesome, spiffy, nifty, far out

Don't ask my friends and I randomly said it one day, and it stuck... lol
Your hat is very homie.
by Shelbye The Science Guy October 11, 2007
Somebody your cool with but they are less than a friend
I don't have friends i have homies and associates.
by Tay Diva December 15, 2008
Person you know from your hometown or neighborhood. Originated in 1940-50's in African American culture
Students away at College, or persons visiting or moved to another city or town and noticing someone from their hometown. This person was called "hometown" which was later shortened to "homie" There goes my hometown friend Tonya. In a greeting, "Hey Hometown!" Used then and today, "That's my homie Tonya"
by Alicia Y August 29, 2006
what bloods refer to each other as
whats poppin up homie.
by uncle fester April 20, 2003
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