1. Close friend or peer.
2. Member of a gang or dresses like they are in a gang.
3. Any street-kid or homeless youth.
1. "what's up, homie?"
2. "Let's cross the street, there's a group of homie's coming."
3. "Can you spare some money for a poor homie?"
by Diego July 18, 2003
The word that wannabe gangsters say after every sentence in order to seem more cool or "gangster", unbeknowenst to them that it annoys the fuck out of everyone around them. Also used with other phrases in an attempt to look even more gangster such as: Crackin', Whassap, Hoes, etc.

In context pronounced
Whassap homie?

Pass the potatoes homie.

What's crackin', homie?
by phishph00d February 14, 2008
Vernacular Black English for someone from the same city as the speaker; now used by young urban whites as well.
Yo, homie, what it is?
by Brandon December 10, 2003
the people u dont turn ur back on
tupac and biggie,50cent and jarule
by john March 13, 2005
1. Something black people call their friends.

2. A word commonly used when gay ass white people try to act black, but fail.

3. Plural: a group of friends.
1. Aye wassup my homie

2. White guy: yo
black guy: sup man
white guy: nothing homie im just chilling.

3. We all homies
by kelllaayy April 22, 2008
another word to give the user a false sence of brotherhood. see dawg
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
Noun: Cool, awesome, spiffy, nifty, far out

Don't ask my friends and I randomly said it one day, and it stuck... lol
Your hat is very homie.
by Shelbye The Science Guy October 11, 2007

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