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One that is not born black but acts in a way that would make others believe one is black.

One that possess swagger.

One that does not possess any annoying qualities.

One that is refered to as "homie" by Amazing.
Mandy is excellent at twerking (black people dance). Amazing would say to her "Yo, homie, twerk it gurl! Homie, you be makin' them buttocks move yo!"
by Amazing Homie February 27, 2013
1. a friend
2. a friend with benefits
3. a girl you want to get with
4. short form for homeboy
"Yeah, she my homie, I like her."
by bootybonk44 January 12, 2010
wearing your pants low, and your boxers high, causing you to walk funny to keep the pants up; with no shirt on or a ribbed white tank top aka wife beater.
Yeah I walk around sport'n a homie! What of it?
by Griz Chick July 30, 2010
1. One who is always there.
2. Proof that there is good in this world.
3. The sexiest cauliflower there ever was and will be.

1. To share embarrassing stories just to make someone else laugh.
2. To be completely oblivious to how amazing one's self is.
3. To love, listen, and care.
1. I made my HOMIE the awesomest cake.
2. It was just the best HOMIE moment.
3. I'd like to HOMIE you all night baby!!!
by homie's homie August 27, 2008
a joint or blunt made out of ANY type of paper found around the house but NOT computer paper
dude1: dude i justrolled up a homie lets hit this shit
dude2: man u rolled it in computer paper dat shit kills your brain cells
dude1: oh
by PIT001 November 25, 2010
A person who plays online games and acts in such a way to create a bond with other homies.
Dude, that guy took an online bullet for me. My homie!
by swastikabearer December 28, 2009
The one person who will bail you out of jail when you killed eight of the zoo's wild chimps in a drunken rage because 'those fat ass heiffers owed you money'.
Biscuit. Hey man, you know who you are. Much love.
by Squirrelykins June 22, 2005