A best friend for life, yes, but it's more than just that; it's family. A term used to highlight the highest form of respect to another individual as this person will always have your back through thick and thin. Only one other person (besides yourself) can be called this as this person is above all the rest and it takes only two to form a homie bond. Loyalty, trustworthiness, acceptance; this person has it all.
Homie #1: You're my homie you know that? Ain't nobody or nothing gonna change that and take your place.
Homie #2: Yeah I know. You're my homie as well. Always and forever.
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by homiez4lyfe June 21, 2016
Someone who is even better than a best friend, who's always there for you no matter what, and who understands you almost as well as you do yourself. And screw that "it's short for homosexual" crap you see on here. And it don't mean anything less just because white people use it too.
ninja can also be used the same, along with holmes.
homie number one: "my homie is the only person who doesn't judge what i do or say"
homie number two: "that's 'cause i'm your best ninja"
by shadylette June 30, 2010
The person who loves you and can do anything for you; the person you come home to, your safe haven.
Be my homie, not lover.
by HloveH August 13, 2016
1. The homie: a mutually accepted member of a group or localized subculture.
2. Homie: a friend
3. Homie: Somebody from your block, neighborhood, sometimes city.
Where the homie Grumpy at?
by Phukk Yu December 14, 2014
A person who lives in Walmart and is friends with people in the surrounding town
Hey, have you seen the homies today?
by Rachanfd February 21, 2015
1. A friend from the same town or ''hood"
2. A close friend , best friend.
3. A blood gang member calling another blood member by.
1. Me and homie go way back since highschool
2. Thats my homie for life, he my ride or die.
3. Blood gang member: ''Thats a homie right there'' ''Tell the homie to pull up''
by oldboyNYC January 01, 2015
The word used to cover up strong feelings of love to 'friend zone' the lover because there scared incase there not good enough💔
He's my homie
by Atat.fbgm June 05, 2015
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