Homies are the people who are bestfriends , in a way . Usually referred to as "my nigga" or my "ride or die" . Homies will always be there for that one person , no matter what . Even if they have to do something crazy .
Person 1: hey ! Do you see Chris and Olivia over there , just chilling ?
Person 2: yeah why ?
Person 1: I wish our relationship was like theirs !
Person 2: why ??
Person 1: cause they're homies !
by HisHomie September 07, 2014
1. The homie: a mutually accepted member of a group or localized subculture.
2. Homie: a friend
3. Homie: Somebody from your block, neighborhood, sometimes city.
Where the homie Grumpy at?
by Phukk Yu December 14, 2014
Someone who is even better than a best friend, who's always there for you no matter what, and who understands you almost as well as you do yourself. And screw that "it's short for homosexual" crap you see on here. And it don't mean anything less just because white people use it too.
ninja can also be used the same, along with holmes.
homie number one: "my homie is the only person who doesn't judge what i do or say"
homie number two: "that's 'cause i'm your best ninja"
by shadylette June 30, 2010
A "Homie" is another term for Close Friend, or Best Friend. Homie is commonly used by people from East Coast and West, mostly in urban areas and cities, and people who are fans of Rap and Hip-hop. Anyone can use this word, but it is often depicted as a "African American" word, or "Gangster Slang".
Tyrone: Yo, Sup Homie
Lamar: Nothing much Homie, just chillin'
by KrissKing August 10, 2014
1. a friend
2. a friend with benefits
3. a girl you want to get with
4. short form for homeboy
"Yeah, she my homie, I like her."
by bootybonk44 January 12, 2010
One that is not born black but acts in a way that would make others believe one is black.

One that possess swagger.

One that does not possess any annoying qualities.

One that is refered to as "homie" by Amazing.
Mandy is excellent at twerking (black people dance). Amazing would say to her "Yo, homie, twerk it gurl! Homie, you be makin' them buttocks move yo!"
by Amazing Homie February 27, 2013
A person who plays online games and acts in such a way to create a bond with other homies.
Dude, that guy took an online bullet for me. My homie!
by swastikabearer December 28, 2009

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