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A dog who is loyal to you and will help you with everything you want and risk his/her life for you. You want to eat? Your homie dog will get you food. You want to train your homie dog? He will be trained in a day. You want to kill your enemy? Your homie dog will pin your enemy down and bite your enemy hard.
Josh: Jaray, why did your dog bite that guy who punched you?

Jaray: Cuz. He's my homie dog.
by lilzor June 20, 2016
a homie who you've known for at least half your life. an old school homie.
what up homie dog?
by Dr. Fallahtastic July 28, 2010
Abi Hecox's word meaning best friend or boyfriend
Beau is my homiedog.
by Abi Hecox October 18, 2008
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