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an elegant way of saying murder
There was a lot of homicides this years, but not many murders.
by bijatyka November 16, 2010
67 34
The intentional killing of a human being, with malice aforethought.
The escaped rapist was also charged with homicide today in superior court.
by D.S. Rutheford January 02, 2006
295 79
The act of killing another human without justified reason.
Murderer: haha I killed that little cunt!
Me: what the fuck? Dude! I'm calling the cops!
Murderer: I'm going to murder you!!!!
2 days later
Cop 1: I found his body.
Cop 2: Was it homicide?
Cop 1: I think.
by Demonic bro December 08, 2013
13 5
Heroin cut with strychnine.
Homicide is some nasty stuff.
by red_beard_neo April 21, 2004
47 164
An idiot who sometimes visits
<Homicide> ha ha your mom has cancer
by anonymous April 13, 2005
41 167
King of whatever on IRC
*Homicide jams to Britney Spears - Toxic
by Homicide April 11, 2004
27 166