1 a hand gesture, most typically characterized by the extension of the ring and middle finger into a pseudo peace sign, with the back of the hand facing the recipient of said sign; also frequently accompanied by the application of a crooked smile on the signaler’s face
2 a name or nickname, often self-given and exclusively used by the individual, in reference to oneself
3 the act of ending written and verbal messages with a single misspelled word of blessing, followed by any desired number
4 the embodiment of any or all of such habits and characteristics
1 He often takes pictures in his signature homez.
2 “Why the hell does he call himself Homez?”
3 He was very fond of ending his letters to his mother with a homez.
4 “Stop being such a homez!”
pull a homez informal performing any of the actions mentioned above : He was pulling a homez.
by JeffyZai November 27, 2007
Top Definition
A cooler word for "holmes" which is in itself, short for homie.
sup homez?

christ lopez is my homez
by aferg January 12, 2010
A cooler word for "homes" which is in itself, short for homie.
'Sup homez?
What's doin' homez?
Homez is so much cooler then homes.
by Byron-Joey October 28, 2007
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