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a). Someone who is in favor of something or defends something or someone solely because they like them.
b). A person involved in sports who kisses too much ass to the team, or someone who is too much a homer for a team
c). a stupid friend you can get to do anything
I sent a friend to 7-11 to steal 2 packs of cigarettes. He got caught What a homeystooge that cheesedidck is.

Did you hear that guy talking about the team? he only says that because the owner selected him in the draft. He hasn't done shit for the team, he is just the owners fckin homeystooge.
by aj January 09, 2004
a nigger wearing bling bling, stoop walking, selling dope to his friends on the corner.
look at that stupid porch monkey with all that jewlery, what a homeystooge that idiot is.
by aj January 10, 2004
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