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A person who screws up your relationship with someone and is a complete whore about it. His/her act of homewrecking includes lots of lying and backstabbing. don't be friends with a homewrecking whore!
girl 1: did you hear what sara did?! that was so bitchy of her
girl 2: yeah she's such a homewrecking whore.
by not a homewrecker September 30, 2010
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a woman who knows a man is taken and has a girl, and she still pursues the chance to mess up a happy home.
Janet Bender aka Luvamuffin aka homewrecking whore can be found on, or facebook and loves to meet taken men whos ladies are at home pregnant. Will go as far as to pick the man up at the subway station and host for them to spend the night. Lives in Mechanicsville, MD and does not respond to the messages left to her by the women whos life she is messing up. shes old enough to be these mens mother................
by itsme12345 February 14, 2010
A girl that will suck a mans dick, knowing that he has a girl....
My Ex boyfriend got head from this Home Wrecking Whore....
by Knights of the round Fuck March 10, 2010
A woman (generally old, decrepit, ugly & hasn't aged to well) who knows a man is taken and has a girl, and still pursues the chance to mess up a happy home even if its a close friends husband. All because she herself has no self respect for her life, her own children or her dead husband.
Suzzy: Hey Debbie, I hear you are a Home Wrecking Whore these days?!

Debbie: Thats right Suzzy, after my husband had died, I was lonely and decided to go after a close friends husband, Jeff, and he took the bait!

Suzzy: Golly Debbie, you sure are clever! But I bet Kenny is sad now, knowing that you will be rotting in Hell for all eternity and not making it to Heaven with him... Oh well, at least Jeff will be in Hell right there with ya!

Debbie: Thats right Suzzy! We are both scums of the Earth that will rot!

Suzzy: Haha, oh Debbie you slay me!
by Suzzy Slapintheface December 05, 2011
shawna; girls who fuck other girls' boyfriends.
"Shawna fucked my boyfriend. What a homewrecking whore!"
by ShawnaGraham September 26, 2011
a woman who comes into a mans life and fucks it up. To the girlfriend the 'homewrecking whore' could be a backstabbing, bitch, who was out too steal their boyfriend/husband. But, in reality homewrecking whore's aren't trying to steal, they just get in there, and GET ERR' DONE. If the boyfriend/husband fall for this homewreckking whore, shits going to go down. A homewrecking whore can never be a secret. They are who they are.
-Wow, look at Melissa.. what a homewrecking whore.

She's trying to steal your boyfriend, cut a bitch.
Nah, she's just being a homewrecking whore.
by mellyloverful101 January 27, 2011
A girl who actively pursues a guy who is taken and has a child or a child on the way. The guy will then act like he was victimized and complain that he hates his life and misses what he once had because he willingly risked it all for the home wrecking whore and gets mad when he discovers that the girl he had a long term relationship with has finally had enough of his secrets and lies and is much better off without him. Typically one who is a manwhore (see manwhore) will initiate a relationship with the home wrecking whore while leaving his pregnant girlfriend and or newly born son to gallavant around with the homewrecking whore, failing to ever break things off with his girlfriend. Will go to great lengths to keep things hidden from the girlfriend so that he can live a double life.
your babies father sleeping with the cna he works with, aka the homewrecking whore
by pseudonym2011 January 24, 2011

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