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A dirty worthless backstabbing whore who will plot and plan to steal you're husband, send him dirty text messages while he's working, and try to fuck him in her piece of shit car before sending him back home to his wife! The fake ass bitch will even have the balls to request you as a friend on fb as she moves in for the kill. Every homewrecker needs a good old fashion beat down and a reality check.
Example 1:
Boy: "Did you hear Ellie is going to start working here?"

Girl: "Oh shit! She's a homewrecker tell all the girls in the club to put their husbands on lockdown!"

Example 2:
Girl 1: "Did you hear Taylor is fucking the DJ?"

Girl 2: "Isn't he married with 3 kids?"

Girl 1: "Yes he is but she's a dirty homewrecker that can't find a man of her own with that dumpy ass of hers so she's gotta steal somebody else's husband!"
by take that you dirty bitch! April 19, 2010
81 44
Any female who is so attractive, the very sight of her mesmerizes one to the point of obession, transcending any commitment they have to their current relationship, and thus resulting in the eventual destruction of said relationship, other friendships, financial investments, mental well being and all other things that constitute one's livelihood.

Once one's life is ruined in such a way, their 'home' is considered 'wrecked', hence 'Homewrecker'.
Jim: Holy shit dude look at that chick!!!! She's a fucking Homewrecker!

Bob: Fuck me, I'm doing a u-turn just to see her again!

Bob's life is eventually ruined.
by King_Meow November 22, 2011
73 37
A person who knows the man or woman is married but still goes for it. This low life of a person does not even care that there is children involved. This scumbag may even look for problems in the marriage and try to make themselves look better by using that time of weakness. In some cases they may not be successful in breaking up the marriage, but are successful in breaking your heart and making you question everything in the future.
She started with Facebook , her and my husband talk. She told me she was happily married and she was not one of them crazy x-girlfriends. I told them that I didn't want them to talk anymore things didn't add up. She was using our problems and acting as if she worshiped the ground he walked on. And only he can understand her. (Boosting his ego) Now she's unhappy in her relationship. I told her off, and she spoke to me as if she was the wife and mother of his children! Needless to say it went back and forth. He clams she is out of her mind to think that she had some kind of future with him and our children. He clams he never wants to talk to her again __ Like I said "they are successful in breaking your heart and making you question everything in the future"_ Homewrecker
by P.S love July 29, 2011
20 7
Any good for nothing asshole, may be a dude or a chick, who woos your partner out of a relationship with you. They've also been known to drop out of the dates quickly, and steal someone else's date. More than likely these people are immature idiots who don't know how to find themselves a meaningful date, so they have to steal someone else when they see a flaw in a relationship.
The Family Guy episode about Peter Griffin's jealousy of Louis seeing other men, there's that quick joke in the theater when Louis says "Ain't he handsome!?" Peter runs up and punches the screen until it breaks, screaming "You home-wrecking bastard!"

Country singer Gretchen Wilson has had a lot of experiences in high school with losing her dates to homewreckers, so she included the subject in a song on her album "Here For The Party" and called it "Homewrecker."
by hekifier March 28, 2009
53 42
A woman who knowingly has a relationship with a married man, especially when children are involved.
The self-righteous homewrecker was sleeping with the man she flirted with at work, even while he lived with his wife and children.
by Still the Wife September 26, 2009
37 27
A woman that can't get her own man so she goes after someone else's man. When her tricks and games don't work, she then gets pregnant on purpose so the man's family is ruined and he has no choice but to be with her.
When the home wrecker could not convince the man to leave his family, she got pregnant on purpose so he would be thrown out the house and have nowhere to go but her house.
by One Angry Woman March 25, 2011
57 50
A homewrecker is a a slut who loves to ruin relationships. She gives herself the name. And loves to be a whore around all taken guys.
Ivanna Lip: I think im a homewrecker
Me: Oh Yes you are.
Ivanna: bahaha i love it.
Others: WHAT A HOE!
by bayyybbeeee! April 07, 2009
18 11