a straight up dirty backstabbing bitch who will put any sort of friendship aside for a scummy asshole. usually the scummy asshole is best friends with one of her ex boyfriends. it then becomes a whole circle full of nastyness. the homewrecker has a fake ass personality and will come up to you and ask you "whats wrong" even though they know why you are so pissed off. they act like they care but in actuality they dont give a shit. every homewrecker needs a slap in the face and a reality check.
Chelsea IS a dirty homewrecker.
by saerfff March 28, 2010
A slag skank who comes into a mans life knowing he is married and got kids, she will tempt him with flirty seductions and ask him out for coffee or dinner if the male falls for her fake charm he will go for her and chase after her,She loves the attention and thrill of meeting up and having sex with him behind his wifes back, In the end he will eventually get caught from his wife loose his marriage and his kids and the homewrecker will move onto the next man and the man will be left with nothing therfore he and she are both a homewrecker as they wrecked a happy home
Neighbour 1:"He was so cool I thought he was a decent family man until I found out he was screwing that girl from down the road"

Neighbour "Omg what a little homewrecker"

Neighbour: "Yes him and her both they knew exactly what they where doing was wrong but they continued their affair"

Don't trust that girl she is a homewrecker she likes to get involved with married men
by Harry69 October 23, 2012
Someone who chases men in relationships and has sex with multiple men at the same time
Dashini Pillay V&A Waterfront Cape Town is a homewrecker and a slut
by Voice of CT September 05, 2014
A female who comes into your life whom you love with all your heart. Someone you never get close enough too. someone you think about more then average friend but never got the chance to really get connected too. someone you idolized and drew and sent anon messages too. someone you talk to your boyfriend and all your friends about. Someone attractive and underage who eventually will chose to fuck your boyfriend while you are on break and lie about it for as long as she can until you kick her out of your house because she flirted with him for as long as she could in secret
"Lets go swimming at your friends house, jk im a homewrecker"

"hey id love to spend another night here. jk look at my homewrecker texts and kick me out because im a selfish cunt"

"did you hear what happened to her because of the homewreck? look up homewrecker on urban dictionary."
by seaknee July 02, 2013
A 1.75L bottle of liquor (aka handle)
I beat my bitch up lastnight because I damn near polished off a homewrecker of Jack.
by Cock_sm0ker December 28, 2010
some1 with out morals that comes in and steals, or has sex with someone else's gf or bf.
person 1: dude he impregnated her and now slut 1 want to get in his pants
person 2: dude what a homewrecker
person 1: i know right
by versedaaron May 18, 2008
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