Homework is the stuff teachers shit out in your face everyday after class to make your life more miserable. Homework can be flashcards and studying to a 3000 word essay or book report. People might stay up all night to finish this just to turn it in and realize that they fucked up the whole thing and got a motherfucking F because they have stupid ass teachers that dont know what the fuck they are doing and too busy sucking eachothers dick. Homework is often referred to as stupid shit, and just made to lower your gpa so all the asians will go to college while your still highschool sucking the teachers dick just to get a D
Hey did you do your homework?


asian: that homework was easy didnt you think?
white kid: i dont fucking know cus i didnt do that shitty 5 page essay for the book i didnt fucking read and used every page in it to wipe my ass because thats thats what i think of shitty school and shitty teachers.
asian: 0.0 ok...
by semen in my butt May 01, 2012
a fucked up way to waste your time
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
Something you should be doing right now. Also known as a cruel punishment gave by teachers who are unaware their students have social lives.
Teacher- Sabrina, wheres your homework?
Sabrina- My dog ate it...?
Also, making sure your schedule stays crazy, it looks a little like mine.
6:30 AM- Wake up and get ready
7:10 AM- I go to school
7:15 AM- I arrive at school
4:00 PM- I get out of school (When theres no detention)

Now rinse, wash, and repeat.
by ♛♛Queen♛♛ January 23, 2015
Mound of

Wasteful and
Person 1: I have homework.

Person 2: Good luck developing a personality and social life!
by ExtraMustard September 29, 2014
This horrible thing that emerged from the pits of Satan that is only created to make sure that you feel like you're in school 24/7 because your teachers hate you. You spend all day in school and come home to do homework. You only get a break for dinner because mommy made chicken and chicken is yummy and you go to bed at midnight even though you're really tired. Homework is for people with futures. Not people who spend their time looking up "homework" on UrbanDictionary. Go bake some cookies and watch America's Next Top Model cause you deserve it honey.
She spent all night on her homework.

The only class that didn't give her homework was the Art of Twerking.
by SheTwerksAllDay October 16, 2013
I wish you were homework so I could lay you on that desk and do ya(;
Desk, homework
by HahahahahHehe September 16, 2011
Code word referring to alcohol in lands where alcohol is not to be possessed/consumed.
RA: What's in the backpack?
Oh just some homework.

Let's go on a homework run to gear up for tonight.
by Tyler "Tyler Lomborg" Lemburg November 03, 2008
An unnecessary pluralization of "homework" used carelessly and with poor taste.
"Did y'all do your homeworks?"
by Dan Copulsky July 31, 2006

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