Homework is the stuff teachers shit out in your face everyday after class to make your life more miserable. Homework can be flashcards and studying to a 3000 word essay or book report. People might stay up all night to finish this just to turn it in and realize that they fucked up the whole thing and got a motherfucking F because they have stupid ass teachers that dont know what the fuck they are doing and too busy sucking eachothers dick. Homework is often referred to as stupid shit, and just made to lower your gpa so all the asians will go to college while your still highschool sucking the teachers dick just to get a D
Hey did you do your homework?


asian: that homework was easy didnt you think?
white kid: i dont fucking know cus i didnt do that shitty 5 page essay for the book i didnt fucking read and used every page in it to wipe my ass because thats thats what i think of shitty school and shitty teachers.
asian: 0.0 ok...
by semen in my butt May 01, 2012
The satanic torture device originally designed during the 1200's as a method of breaking down a person's mind and removing all sleep from their life to induce stress and insanity, now a perfectly acceptable tool to help 'enforce' material that students have already learned 15 times over again or to do the job of a teacher that was too lazy to do during the 7 hours given, or given over breaks because 180 days isn't enough to teach material. It is what you should be doing right now, only you were to pissed by your overload of zombifying material so you came to read definitions on Urban Dictionary that potentially share your pain. Homework also has the accolade of being ranked #2 in the worldwide list of ridiculously inhumane punishments seemingly accepted by modern society right after impalement by electrified molten spiders.
I forgot to teach my students thermonuclear astrophysics during class, let's make them learn it tonight for homework and have a quiz tomorrow.
by Blocksystem November 30, 2013
Life's way of kicking us in the ass.
Girl: Aww man, I have so much homework!
Friend: Dude, you had half an hour. I had 8 hours.
by soyeahprettymuch November 20, 2013
This horrible thing that emerged from the pits of Satan that is only created to make sure that you feel like you're in school 24/7 because your teachers hate you. You spend all day in school and come home to do homework. You only get a break for dinner because mommy made chicken and chicken is yummy and you go to bed at midnight even though you're really tired. Homework is for people with futures. Not people who spend their time looking up "homework" on UrbanDictionary. Go bake some cookies and watch America's Next Top Model cause you deserve it honey.
She spent all night on her homework.

The only class that didn't give her homework was the Art of Twerking.
by SheTwerksAllDay October 16, 2013
Worthless shit is another word for this. In case you're a fucking idiot, homework is paperwork, projects, and research given to students after school. So we suffer through 7 hours of hell (School), And then we have to do 3 hours or something worth of homework given to us by bitch ass teachers. The time after school is supposed to be for FUN AND RELAXATION! In 7 hours we've already learned all we need to for one day. Infact, I haven't learned SHIT from doing homework. It's stuff I already know so it's useless! Do those cunt licking teachers even know people have lives outside of school? And those fuckers even give homework on WEEKENDS. WHAT THE FUCK!! Homework makes you so stressed out. I'm sure if homework was taken away almost every kid would do better in school. Also, some teachers think they can give extra homework for their one class and act like it's not alot, but guess what shit suckers?? We have homework for fucking 7-8 other classes too!! And then they yell at you if you forget to do it and say "WHY DIDNT YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK YOU HAD PLENTY OF TIME!!!111!" Ummm.. No we don't bitch because we get a ton of other homework that takes all fucking night to do!
I'm not doing my homework because it's worthless shit.
by PissAnt October 07, 2013
because 7 hours of school a day isnt enough
by pussy slapper September 19, 2012
work that teachers give so that you cant be fucking your bedbuddy, because your parents will ground you during the weekend
do you want to fuck in my car on saturday

no i cant im grounded for getting an f on my english homework
by tnemyole September 02, 2012
The bastard son of your teacher's self-important mindset and sadistic desire to cause every pupil's life to be as hollow and empty as theirs.
I make $10 an hour, generally work harder than an office worker, no one thinks my bullshit opinions are important, and I love insuring that students don't spend their youth enjoying free time like I should have, is there possibly a way to channel all these emotions and frustrations? INDEED! -Teacher assigning homework
by Retarded straight-A student October 24, 2010

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