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bused/b to be the greatest forum on earth!

Check it out

It's dot com!
by xXxPaoPouxXx August 04, 2003
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It's dot com.
Oh, right. Homestarrunner.Net. IT'S DOT COM!
by Stiffy March 05, 2004
56 9
It's dot com.
Welcome to
It's dot com!
by rasolyo January 03, 2004
29 7
3. is what homestar believes to be the website that hosts his popular flash cartoons, when infact it is
", its dot com!"
by MoxiKat June 26, 2003
22 2
Take 1
"Oh, hey yo! Welcome to!"
"It's dot com"
Oh. It's dot com!"
Take 2
"Oh, hey yo! My name is Homestar Runner. Line" "Welcome. Line." "To. Line." "!"
Take 6
"Welcome aboard the USS I am your captain, Homestar Runner."
"Bienviendos a! A Migues es si..."
Take 13
"Ok, I'm really gunna get it this time." "Yeah, we're rolling." "Oh, hey yo! My name is Homestar Runner, and this is A Website!"
Take 25
Homestar is nude "Uhh... cut. Nooo..." "What?"
Take 126
"I'm Homestar Runner. Isn't that great?"
See above dialogue.
by Sarah April 07, 2004
15 5
What homestarrunner believes is the name of the website he's promoting.
Homestarrunner: Oh, hey yo! My name is homestarrunner, and this is

Director: It's dot com.

Homestarrunner: Oh yeah., "It's dot com."
by Strongbad4ever August 26, 2003
8 3