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Homeschooling done by illiterate parents, usually to "protect" thier children from "evil, secular" society. Most homeskooled kids go on to become overbreeders.
The girl was homeskooled, and as a result, couldn't read past a grade 2 level.
by Heather Canuck May 31, 2006
45 32
(noun): one who is lame, boring, and/or lacks social skills
Kookie looked at the short-bus girl and said, “’Sup, Homeskool?”
by Negative Nance August 11, 2009
5 15
(adj): something lame and/or tool-like
Melissa looked at Mike’s Calvin Klein golf jacket/windbreaker and commented, “Dude, your threads are mad homeskool.”
by Negative Nance August 11, 2009
1 14