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N- a friend; one who you are close to; a homeboy.
(Variation of homeskillet)

"Yo whats crackalackin homeskittle?"

Person 1.-"Who the hell's that?"
Person 2.-"Oh, that's just Matt, my homeskittle."
by Frankie Jacobellis December 23, 2006

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a person or a friend that you love like family
yo dats ma home skittle rite dere
by ..::lauren nicole::.. August 02, 2008
A friend thats sort of like a sis or bro to you.
Joe and I are real tight, he calls me his home skittles.
by Kezzi-mo-bizzy March 15, 2005
A way to call a sweet girl your home skillet: to let her know you'll be there for her with your Chuck Norris Skills anyday.
Yo Leena lena, I got your back home skittle, I'll bring you clean shorts if your fart ever fails ya. Fro sure.
by BongoChongo August 05, 2008
A name for a female friend that's a homie, but at the same time small, cute and sweet.
Kesha Cole looks like a real cool home skittle to have.

wassup home skittles
by Kaazar November 16, 2010
A white person who wants to be a different 'flavor'.
Yo home skittles. What's up home skittle.
by crazy kristine March 02, 2008