Basically, all the stereotypes you've ever heard about these people are true. They don't know how to dress, are virgins, and usually wish they lived in an earlier era where women wore corsets and people had slaves. They often correct people's English and hate the government. You can tell someone is homeschooled because they are super defensive about it whether you have attacked them or not.
Homeschooler: (shouts to general public) "Not ALL homeschoolers are socially awkward!"
Normal person: "I didn't say anything! Who are you?"
by iwashomeschooled April 25, 2011
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1. someone who's parents don't want there kids doing drugs or getting pregnant.
public schooler: omg!! lady gaga is so awesum!!!!
homeschooler: Who is that?
by littleleahh April 28, 2010
There are two different types.

Ninja homeschoolers (I.E. People who don't have a say in the matter, and are forced against their will to be homechooled, and, if you don't know them, you can't tell if they are homechooled. They usually wear cool clothes, and have good social lives, and are pretty trendy.

Then there are the scary (almost Mormon) homeschoolers. Who have NO social life until collage, wear khaki or bluejean skirts and nearly bellbottom jeans, and polos, and only care about their grade, and their only friends are their siblings.

Person one: So, where do you go to school?
Ninja homeschooler: At my house!! It's freekin retarded!

Person one: Hi!

Stereotypical homeschooler: Um... Hi? Look I have to go work on my science project...
by The ninja homeschooler March 14, 2011
There are two types. Either extremely happy and spazzy and thinks everyone is his friend, or quietly keeps to himself and thinks of everyone as below him.
generally speaking,
someone who lacks social skills, always has one or 5 too many buttons done up, has to ask a parent before using "the search engine", wears crew socks, is not vegetarian, has youtube blocked on his computer, and has never been with more than 1 kid his own age at once.
public schooler: haha did you hear/see that kid. He's probably a homeschooler
by IloveEveryoneBecauseIeatPlums January 18, 2011
Some kid who pussied out on regular school OR a kid who was in school but was forced to be home schooled by his/her parents
and is lost in a haze of boredom, World of Warcraft and social deprivation. Also a great way to get stupid kids off the hook for failing grade one (no joke I knew a kid who failed grade one and was homeschooled until grade six). One search on urban dictionary will reveal lot's of home schoolers bitching out the world how "THEY ACTUALLY HAVE FACEBOOK AND STUFF!"
and the glorious stereotype of sociopathic hippies is ruined forever. I can't say i would enjoy Endless Black Ops 2 more than talking to real humans. Then again, it might not be so bad once you are hypnotized into liking it.
nick failed grade one and was homeschooled until middle school,
where he was poorly received.

Person 1 "Aren't you a home schooler?"
Person 1 *leaves the room quickly*

By having wrote this all the homeschoolers will hate me for ever.
by theNinjaCheese October 16, 2013
1.) One who separates themselves from society voluntarily and is generally looked upon as a social retard.

2.) Easily confused with "Home Schooled Kid" which is a person who is forced to be home schooled.
Fred: Dude, I was in the mall today and I walked passed this kid who was a total retard who hikes his pants way up... He looked like an idiot.

Ted: Yeah... He was probably a home schooler....
by 102939848519840819234098127348 November 12, 2010
A "homeschooler" is a person from the ages of 5-18 who does their school at home. These are they kind of kids who give homeschooled people a bad name. They live up to every stereotype imaginable. For example, they always wear running shoes to every single event except church. To church they wear ugly flats with ankle length skirts unless they're boys. If they're boys then they do wear their running shoes to church. These children are also not allowed to mingle with the other gender until they reach marriageable age. These people do not know what a push up bra is and certainly don't know what a thong is. They have never been to a mall and if they have, the only reason is that there is a bookstore inside the mall. They all buy their clothing at thrift shops and never stay up to date on the latest styles. They think partying hard is going to their only friends (besides their mom) house and eating ice cream and oh so disobediently talking about the opposite gender until 10:30 when their parents come to pick them up. They then proceed to tell their best friend every single detail of the night. Who is their best friend? Their mom of course! Also, when trying to relate to others, they use large, confusing words that only Albert Einstein and they themselves understand. Poor homesschoolers... they don't even know that they're not normal.

Note: After this, please look up "homeschooled".
Homeschoolers tend to be pretty lame :p
by homeschooledchica January 22, 2011

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