One who is schooled at home, esp. with curricula designed to teach each individual subject. Schooling at home allows one to work at the pace necessary for that individual.

Homeschoolers are often associated and confused with the group known as nerds, or with non-sociable, sheltered individuals. While there are many homeschoolers whom would be considered nerds by most, to say that all homeschoolers are nerds or non-sociable is a hasty generalization.

In truth, looking at public schools, there are essentially the same amount of nerds and introverts. The problem of lacking social skills is not an issue of the school you choose to go to; it is simply a problem of a personality that one must work to get rid of.

A lack of social skills is unhealthy for nearly everyone. To blame this issue on the fact that someone has school at home makes the problem worse altogether, i.e., it's like dousing a house that is under no danger of burning down with gallons of water, only to realize that the house right next to it is collapsing in flames... attacking something that isn't the cause of the problem.

I, myself am homeschooled and, quite frankly, have more friends than the average public schooler (a good 70% of my friends are public-schoolers, mind you).
I know about more music (meaning many different bands) than the average public-schooler.
Among my favorite places to shop for clothes are American Eagle, Buckle, Banana Republic, Guess, Gap and Target (don't jump on my case. Target's clothes easily compare to American Eagle's, for sure).

So the stereotype condemning homeschoolers is not altogether true. I would admit that it's not absolutely unreasonable. However, I have to say again that homeschoolers are not the issue. It's nerds/introverts/sheltered people in general.

by Will P. January 29, 2007
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1 - Someone who sits at home all day while upping their levels on World Of Warcraft.

2 - Super smart A+ kids who think they are better than you.

3 - Strange inbreds who slack off all day and have no friends or social life.

I happen to be homeschooled. I have normal friends and a social life.. and i don't wear high waisted jeans.

I think it's examples 1, 2, and 3, that give the rest of us a bad name.
John - Where do you go to school?

Laura - I'm a homeschooler.

John - Really? You're so.. normal.

by seamonkeysarerad January 15, 2008
1. someone who's parents don't want there kids doing drugs or getting pregnant.
public schooler: omg!! lady gaga is so awesum!!!!
homeschooler: Who is that?
by littleleahh April 28, 2010
There are two different types.

Ninja homeschoolers (I.E. People who don't have a say in the matter, and are forced against their will to be homechooled, and, if you don't know them, you can't tell if they are homechooled. They usually wear cool clothes, and have good social lives, and are pretty trendy.

Then there are the scary (almost Mormon) homeschoolers. Who have NO social life until collage, wear khaki or bluejean skirts and nearly bellbottom jeans, and polos, and only care about their grade, and their only friends are their siblings.

Person one: So, where do you go to school?
Ninja homeschooler: At my house!! It's freekin retarded!

Person one: Hi!

Stereotypical homeschooler: Um... Hi? Look I have to go work on my science project...
by The ninja homeschooler March 14, 2011
A NORMAL person. Listen, I'm tired of the stereotypes. We are not all Mormons, Many of us have amazing fashion sense, and homeschoolers that fit the stereotype are a minority.

I KNOW who Lady Gaga is,I don't have to ask to use Google, I have a YouTube channel, and I'm homeschooled.

Plus, homeschoolers have time to do awesome extracurricular activities and socialize, while other kids sit in a classroom all day and get in trouble for socializing.

Oh yeah, and my chores don't involve milking the cow.
Person: What school do you go to?
Homeschooler: I'm homeschooled.
Person: Oh. what do you do all day?
Homeschooler: Lots of things.
Person: Like Latin and stuff, cause I like to go on the Internet. You know about the Internet right?
Homeschooler: Here's my email. Let me know if you want help setting up a blog or a Facebook page. You can friend me on Facebook too. I have lots of friends!
Person: Really? Wow...
by defyingthestereotype March 24, 2013
A group of super-agents whose goal and objective in life is to keep America safe from Communists, Dictators, and general bad stuff. They have extensive operational history, the first known case was when John Wilkes Booth was taken out by a homeschooled assassin. The most recent known case was a joint op with the Navy SEALS on the Osama Bin Laden raid. Most homeschoolers don't talk about their operations, and stay secretive and shy so their mission won't be in danger of being compromised.
Today, homeschoolers participate in extensive missions across the world, mainly in North Korea and Iran. The details of the missions are, of course, highly classified. All homeschoolers have been trained in martial arts and small group tactics, and 99% of them have qualified as "expert" according to Secret Service shooting standards. A select few have been trained in counterintelligence operations, and serve as double agents in the normal school systems. Most of the time, they're disguised as wimpy geeks and nerds.
In many areas, there is a homeschool "base" consisting of fortified buildings, along with an armory. The locations of the bases are still unknown, but rumor has it most of them tend to be in secluded locations, such as Alaska, out West, and parts of upper Michigan. All homeschoolers are expected to be in a state of readiness and be able to report to their base of operations in no longer than 30 minutes to respond to any contingency operation by an enemy of the United States.
Although the State Police recieved credit for the saving of the President's life, rumor has it that a highly trained group of homeschoolers were the actual ones responsible for the saving of his life.

The outnumbered group of homeschoolers managed to fight off the superior numbers of Communist minions using Uzis, Desert Eagles, and Sawed-off Shotguns.

"It's Ok. I'm homeschooled."

"Have you seen Captain America in action? He has to be homeschooled!"
by DDI March 01, 2013
There are two types. Either extremely happy and spazzy and thinks everyone is his friend, or quietly keeps to himself and thinks of everyone as below him.
generally speaking,
someone who lacks social skills, always has one or 5 too many buttons done up, has to ask a parent before using "the search engine", wears crew socks, is not vegetarian, has youtube blocked on his computer, and has never been with more than 1 kid his own age at once.
public schooler: haha did you hear/see that kid. He's probably a homeschooler
by IloveEveryoneBecauseIeatPlums January 18, 2011
Basically, all the stereotypes you've ever heard about these people are true. They don't know how to dress, are virgins, and usually wish they lived in an earlier era where women wore corsets and people had slaves. They often correct people's English and hate the government. You can tell someone is homeschooled because they are super defensive about it whether you have attacked them or not.
Homeschooler: (shouts to general public) "Not ALL homeschoolers are socially awkward!"
Normal person: "I didn't say anything! Who are you?"
by iwashomeschooled April 25, 2011

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