From ages 5-25 they can only make conversation with people ages +40 (aside from their own sibilings).

Females from ages 5 to their death, wears a combination of the following: Flowery table cloth like vest, long sleeved button up shirts, 9 inch zipper back-pocketless jeans (Generally a 3 inch gap between the bottom of the jeans & the top of their boots), long baggy jean-skirts with a ruffle around the bottom.

Males wear either a tucked-in all the way buttoned polo shirt or a tucked-in t-shirt with a german shepherd on it. Also wears annoyingly tight jeans or khaki dockers (all of which are tucked into their socks).
You will know within 10-seconds of an encounter with any random person if they are a homeschooler.
by Andy December 06, 2005
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1 - Someone who sits at home all day while upping their levels on World Of Warcraft.

2 - Super smart A+ kids who think they are better than you.

3 - Strange inbreds who slack off all day and have no friends or social life.

I happen to be homeschooled. I have normal friends and a social life.. and i don't wear high waisted jeans.

I think it's examples 1, 2, and 3, that give the rest of us a bad name.
John - Where do you go to school?

Laura - I'm a homeschooler.

John - Really? You're so.. normal.

by seamonkeysarerad January 15, 2008
1. someone who's parents don't want there kids doing drugs or getting pregnant.
public schooler: omg!! lady gaga is so awesum!!!!
homeschooler: Who is that?
by littleleahh April 28, 2010
A NORMAL person. Listen, I'm tired of the stereotypes. We are not all Mormons, Many of us have amazing fashion sense, and homeschoolers that fit the stereotype are a minority.

I KNOW who Lady Gaga is,I don't have to ask to use Google, I have a YouTube channel, and I'm homeschooled.

Plus, homeschoolers have time to do awesome extracurricular activities and socialize, while other kids sit in a classroom all day and get in trouble for socializing.

Oh yeah, and my chores don't involve milking the cow.
Person: What school do you go to?
Homeschooler: I'm homeschooled.
Person: Oh. what do you do all day?
Homeschooler: Lots of things.
Person: Like Latin and stuff, cause I like to go on the Internet. You know about the Internet right?
Homeschooler: Here's my email. Let me know if you want help setting up a blog or a Facebook page. You can friend me on Facebook too. I have lots of friends!
Person: Really? Wow...
by defyingthestereotype March 24, 2013
A group of super-agents whose goal and objective in life is to keep America safe from Communists, Dictators, and general bad stuff. They have extensive operational history, the first known case was when John Wilkes Booth was taken out by a homeschooled assassin. The most recent known case was a joint op with the Navy SEALS on the Osama Bin Laden raid. Most homeschoolers don't talk about their operations, and stay secretive and shy so their mission won't be in danger of being compromised.
Today, homeschoolers participate in extensive missions across the world, mainly in North Korea and Iran. The details of the missions are, of course, highly classified. All homeschoolers have been trained in martial arts and small group tactics, and 99% of them have qualified as "expert" according to Secret Service shooting standards. A select few have been trained in counterintelligence operations, and serve as double agents in the normal school systems. Most of the time, they're disguised as wimpy geeks and nerds.
In many areas, there is a homeschool "base" consisting of fortified buildings, along with an armory. The locations of the bases are still unknown, but rumor has it most of them tend to be in secluded locations, such as Alaska, out West, and parts of upper Michigan. All homeschoolers are expected to be in a state of readiness and be able to report to their base of operations in no longer than 30 minutes to respond to any contingency operation by an enemy of the United States.
Although the State Police recieved credit for the saving of the President's life, rumor has it that a highly trained group of homeschoolers were the actual ones responsible for the saving of his life.

The outnumbered group of homeschoolers managed to fight off the superior numbers of Communist minions using Uzis, Desert Eagles, and Sawed-off Shotguns.

"It's Ok. I'm homeschooled."

"Have you seen Captain America in action? He has to be homeschooled!"
by DDI March 01, 2013
There are two different types.

Ninja homeschoolers (I.E. People who don't have a say in the matter, and are forced against their will to be homechooled, and, if you don't know them, you can't tell if they are homechooled. They usually wear cool clothes, and have good social lives, and are pretty trendy.

Then there are the scary (almost Mormon) homeschoolers. Who have NO social life until collage, wear khaki or bluejean skirts and nearly bellbottom jeans, and polos, and only care about their grade, and their only friends are their siblings.

Person one: So, where do you go to school?
Ninja homeschooler: At my house!! It's freekin retarded!

Person one: Hi!

Stereotypical homeschooler: Um... Hi? Look I have to go work on my science project...
by The ninja homeschooler March 14, 2011
:in general, the mindset of those who are unfamiliar with homeschooling is that homeschoolers are unsocialized, intolerant, self-righteous, abnormal people. Yes, some homeschoolers are. However, the vast majority are normal people who simply choose a more specialized/focused educational program. Through homeschooling, one has the freedom to move at one's own pace; completing work at a quicker pace or spending more time on a concept as needed. Many homeschoolers have tutors for some subjects, take a few courses at public high schools, use video courses, or enroll in college courses while still in high school, in addition to parental instruction. Mostly, they just want the freedom to pursue their interests in depth, while still fulfilling high school requirements.
As a homeschooler, I can place a high emphasis on music, yet not abandon academics, while pursuing my high school education. While maintaining a 4.2 GPA, I take music lessons, sing in choir, play in my city's youth symphony, and am highly involved in Marching Band, Symphonic Band, and Varsity Jazz Band at a public high school. I have also composed music for a drama to be performed at the high school. Yes, I do have many friends who are my age, a large percentage of them being public schooled. I also wear normal clothes and shop at stores like Express, American Eagle, and The Gap. I am a normal person who just likes to accomplish as much as possible.
by Piccolista September 09, 2006
a really smart kid who meets the following criteria:
really smart
anti-social regardless of 15 extracurricular activities
spelling bee champion
homeschool debate team
already in college... community college
anti-evolution - no, sworn to defeat the evolutionists
pro-creation, if you know what i mean. definitely their parents
you get the point
normal person: you're a homeschooler? I never would've guessed!
homeschooler: thanks!
by ex-homeschooler May 17, 2007

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