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Homestar's mentally challenged brother.
Oh, no! You sank my jengaship.
by Shane Helms April 29, 2003
An improper spelling and pronunciation of "Homsar" (Hom like "Mom" and sar like "SARS")
"Hey-lo Marzi-payan! It's HOMSAR!!!"
by BoneDaddy May 08, 2003
Homesar is a mistake. A Bastardization of Homestar. He was created when someone emailed Strong Bad (sbemail#2) asking why he hated homestar so badly, and why he didn't just kill him. Unfortunately they misspelt homestar "homesar" and strongbad ended up killing what was supposed to be a temporary character... a deformed version of homestar... he keeps popping up though... maybe strongbad will kill him again someday.
Hi Strong Bad.
If you hate Homesar so much,
why don't you kill him?
-Vinnie C.

by BYTE·Smasher June 27, 2003
The coolest, yet retarded, white guy in the world. Raised by a cup of coffee and somehow connected to Homestar, they both have no arms. Its hat seems to always return to its head.
Hey Reggie, is there a Rhinoceroes around?!
by Ferret June 06, 2003
A REALLY REALLY retarded HomeStarRunner!!
Hey HomeSar! Come here!
Heeeeeyyy Stewong Baid!!!!
by The Cheat January 28, 2003
A character of artistic talent
I do what I'm told.
(trogdor's sb email)
by Frank September 26, 2003
The pride of the peaches.
What? I shanked your jengaship? We're playing connect 4!
by The Cheat May 11, 2003