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A mnemonic device to remember the names of the Great Lakes.

Lake <H>uron
Lake <O>ntario
Lake <M>ichigan
Lake <E>rie
Lake <S>uperior

It does not include Lake St. Clair, which is not considered a "Great Lake" despite being part of the Great Lakes system.
I can never remember the Great Lakes without thinking of HOMES lining a lake's edge.
by SG Fan November 02, 2004
103 115
1) A web sites index or start page.
2) where you live.
Either click to go home or I will send you home.
by joepa February 18, 2004
47 59
Dank depressing urine soaked facility where most people get exiled to in the last years of their life, usually when they become a burden upon family. Like a prison for the elderly.
Grandpa kept forgetting to shut off the stove, and kept starting fires, so dad had to put him in a home.
by Goffrey July 21, 2006
35 52
The proper noun of the word homie
talking to your friend you say yo hommie waddup
if you talk to an elder you say hello homes what up
by acards July 01, 2005
55 73
Probably the most popular nightclub in Sydney, Australia.
I went to Home and dumped 7 bikkie's...My friends were still frying eggs off me at 6pm the next day.
by Diego October 06, 2003
8 27
where you have sex, eat and sleep.
Let's go to my home, I have a nice house. We will have a good time
by trombley October 20, 2003
13 33
were i live
i am goin home today
by 123456 January 30, 2003
15 35