To feel safe. To feel like you belong. To have people who care. To have people who praise. To have people who listen to your problems. A place you live. A place where you arent rejected for who you are.
When I'm with you, I feel like I'm home.
by ohhhmeli February 07, 2010
Home is somewhere where you can be you or you can feel comfortable and relaxed. Home doesn't have to be at a house it can be anywhere or anything. My home has not yet been discovered, but have have you found yours?
Hey, I'm going to go back home.
by Noah2001 October 27, 2015
what realtors sell! -'house' is never spoken in real estate!!

according to bob dylan, "its a house, not a home"

my take is, it isn't a 'home' until a 'family' moves in and makes it one!!
i didn't even know those 'homes' were there!!

lets' go look at these 'homes'!! -you mean houses?? -no!!, i mean 'homes'!!

donna mcfoolsey, realtor; has sold a lot of 'homes'
by michael foolsley February 04, 2010
1. place of residence

2. a prefix expressing friendship towards another person, a homie
s'up homeskillet-biscuit?

nm, homebitch-nigga slice
by MKvoodoo69 August 20, 2005
(This is an update to my previous definition)

In human relations, "getting home" is to get to have sex with the other person.
(as an analogy of baseball, the different steps from kissing to actually having sex, have been compared to getting 1st (kissing),2nd (fondling) 3rd (oral sex) base, and finally "getting home")
I "got home" with my girl last saturday, if you know what i mean...
by Alex April 12, 2005
short slang term of the word "homo"
vance is such a home because he likes it up the butt
by dunger tot July 08, 2009
used by cholos means homie, ese, buey, vato
Ey Homes did you see that nigger?
Neta Ese lets go fuk him up que no?
by eselokero April 25, 2007
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