A place that you feel comfortable in. Usually a home has family, friends, and whatever makes that person happy. A house isn't necessarily a home if there are no friends, school, job, etc. that makes the individual happy.
My home is about 4 hours away from where I reside.
by King's Daughter June 20, 2005
greeting term for respected person or persons
yo homes, we chillin' tonight?
by ko January 18, 2003
That person against whom you can rest your head and your heart and everything feels safe; the place where you are not alone.
I know I'm home when I can be me and still feel loved.
by jihgf April 22, 2010
see ese, dawg, and mang.
What's goin on, homes?
by KRHimself January 22, 2004
A place where a person feels they truly belong. A safe place full of loved ones, happy memories and favourite things.
"I know I'm home because I can be myself and still feel loved."
by havingabadday November 29, 2011
Where your wifi connects automatically.
Mom: Go get some fresh air!
Me: Only if I can get a wifi connection outside the home...
by a lonely fishy January 02, 2014
To feel safe. To feel like you belong. To have people who care. To have people who praise. To have people who listen to your problems. A place you live. A place where you arent rejected for who you are.
When I'm with you, I feel like I'm home.
by ohhhmeli February 07, 2010

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