n. - male who is able to attract and/or retain one or more faithful female or male companions/lovers despite truncal obesity, male pattern baldness, underemployment, boorish behavior, limited intelligence, and/or other features undeserving of such companionship
Stan: Jane seems to have her shit together.
Alice: I agree - she's sensible, smart, and fun to hang around with.
Stan: What's with John? He's a total deadbeat without any redeeming qualities.
Alice: I know - I guess Jane's a homersexual.
by thedoctorman2000 August 08, 2009
A name from one of the prank phone calls that Bart does to Moe on the Simpsons. It is used in season 2, episode 7F15, Principal Charming.
Bart: Hello is Homer there?

Moe: Homer who?

Bart: Homer Sexual.

Moe: Well, one second, let me check. Uhh Homer Sexual. Oh come on, come on, one of you guys has got to be Homer Sexual.

Homer: Ha Ha, don't look at me.

Moe: Oh no, You rotten little punk. If I ever get a hold of you I'll sink my teeth into your cheak and rip your face off.
by Linux System Message April 10, 2004
People who are attracted to Homer are called Homer Sexuals.
Marge: "I'm a fucking Homer Sexual"!!!
by wvdrtnsf August 24, 2009
A man who is aroused by the site of beer and doughnuts. Category that originated with Homer Simpson. Any man who bears a strong resemblance in likeness or habit to Homer Simpson.
Any police officer or fireman you have ever met. "He got all homersexual and hit me for grabbing his Boston creme."
by Shane C Gray November 12, 2010
A person who becomes sexually aroused whenever talking about their blind loyalty to their favorite sports team.
Susan's reaction to the return of Roger Clemens gave away her undying homersexual nature, not that theres anything wrong with that.
by Bill30Yankee July 04, 2013
The polar opposite of metrosexual
He's such a homersexual - he doesn't even bother to look in the mirror in the morning.
by TracerJoJo March 16, 2004
A guy or girl that only prefers to have sex with those that share their regional or ethnic background. Very common among the closeminded and bigots. Also the exact opposite of Captain Kirk.
Homersexual: "No way I'm sleeping with that Asian chick....I need a Jersey girl."
by brandom February 16, 2011

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