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your not a ho, but you have moment when you feel like a ho. hence the word homent
one broad tell the next dame.... "i know i only met him 10 minutes ago, but i think i wanna suck his dick, does that make me a ho?"
in response the dame says "no its ok, your just having a homent."
by boobookittyfuhk January 30, 2006
When you're having a moment of hoish thoughts but usually won't act them out.
I couldn't control myself, that guy made me have a total homent last night.
by Amanda Ihms May 28, 2007
whenever someone is acting slutty they are said to be having a homent
this girl is having a homent and now she's bricking it
by Sparky40k123 February 16, 2013
Refers to a "moment" shared between two female participants of a homance. A moment of in-tune-ness with your homance counterpart.
"Ines and Julia are so on the same level. They have a homance going on. The other day, they totally shared a homent. It was awesome."

Julia: Hey do you wanna get a kebab
Ines: Hey do you wanna- I was just gonna say that!

omg homent...
by RockstarRoadtrip June 05, 2011
A moment in which you'd do anything for sex.
Tim: I would bang Dr. Joyce Brothers, right now.

John: Dude, lame.

Tim: I know, I'm having a homent.
by thetruth. October 10, 2007

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