Typically, a homeless, gay male, who, either by circumstance or personal choice, has no permanent place of residence of his own. These young men, oftentimes, members of the backpack generation who are locally nomadic, have little or no means of support, and few, if any, deep, personal relationships. They can be found in major urban centers, in most cases, with a backpack containing an assortment of expensive, name brand underwear, assorted electronics, and a working mobile phone, but no additional clothes than those they are wearing. Although it is rare, some individuals may be as old as 30, and in some very rare cases you may find some into their 40's. These young men will oftentimes offer sex in exchange for a place to "crash" or something to eat!
There seems to be an alarming trend in the growing number of "Homelessexual" men within the gay community.
by baby james August 12, 2013
Top Definition
A day trader or similar white-collar employee who has rough hairy intercourse with homeless people in their makeshift cardboard shelters.
Dave is such a homelessexual--he does the nasty with the nasty! He and the hobo did the dirty deed!
by Homeless Joe September 08, 2007
adj. A person who is sexually attracted to those of the same sex and lacks a means of shelter at the same time.
Tim: I heard Damon came out of the closet
John: What closet? He lost his home, now he's homelessexual.
by weebey July 02, 2011
(of a person) sexually attracted to people without a home, therefore typically living on the streets
• involving or characterized by sexual attraction between people without a home, or between a people with a home and those without: homelessexual desire.

a person who is sexually attracted to people without a home
"Danielle hasn't dated a guy with a job in two years, shes a total homelessexual"
by hithisisdanielle January 09, 2009
a person who never has intercourse at their own home
Brad and Angela are such homelessexuals, they always do it at my house
by Shane McNeil January 30, 2007
Any of a number of young men, usually straight, that will be gay for a place to sleep.
He's been at my house for 5 days already, it's hard to shake this homelessexual.
by joey d 555 April 10, 2013
A lifestyle in which a person can only have intimate relationships if one or more partner is homeless.
Mary is a homelessexual. She can't be in a relationship unless she, or the person she's with, is homeless.
by Beau Brennan January 08, 2009
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