A bum.
A wino.
A liberal word, used by effeminate liberals instead of the word "bum."
All good effeminate liberals call bums homeless. By doing this, they can can whine, "Oh, let's all help the homeless," just like the people of San Francisco. They said let's build homes and put all the homeless people inside them. Then nobody will be homeless. Ooh, aren't we good liberals? Barack O'Bama will love us!
So the liberals built homes. Then they went out on the streets and collected all the bums and put them in the homes. See, no more homeless!
Now, the San Francisco coppers have discovered that all those people on the streets who piss on the sidewalk and shit in the gutter and throw muscatel bottles on your front porch have addresses. They aren't homeless.
See, aren't those San Francisco liberals nice? They've spent over 100 million taxpayer dollars, but there are no more homeless people in San Francisco!
Just bums.
#bum #liberal #san francisco #pantywaist #mush wimp #wino #wino lunch box
by Cap'n Bullmoose August 21, 2008
Homeless has taken on a new meaning. It's new meaning: Homeless: Cool, tight,
ex; That blowjob was homeless!
Check out his new ride, it's homeless.
by Vie Gina February 22, 2005
A COMPLETE Alcoholic who doesn't drink water just beer and other alcohol
As i kicked the homeless asshole i stole his beer and his money even though he had $2.25
by WHIZZIE May 13, 2003
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