The people who failed in life and hate to work. They can be found in streets. In the winter many of them die in the cold. People in the Christian religion usually try to help them by making a donating station, but only very few of them do.
A homeless doesn't like to work and therefore, they can't buy a house.
by Link972 December 29, 2009
Temporarily or permanently rejected man, aka husband or boyfriend, who has failed to live up to previously agreed-upon behavior. Homelessness can occur at any time when the man utters the following word: cunt, or when the man does any combination of the following: removes his wedding ring for a period of greater than 5 days; makes unreasonable demands for large sums of money; lies repeatedly; refuses to perform any and all household tasks; or strikes the woman in any way.
Jesus Christ, can you believe he's living at his Dad's again? Dude's fucking homeless.

Man, he needs to get it together- he had everything going for him and now he's homeless.
by bananas foster April 07, 2008
A person or action that is absolutely ridiculous and at the same time pisses you off. Similar to saying "oh my God" but actually directing the words at somebody or something that happened.
1. *Jim hurls a basketball randomly in the air over his back and it somehow finds its way in the basket*
Response (Jim's friend): That was unbelievably homeless.
2. Roberto: Hey Kenny I just cheated off you and got a better test mark than you!
Kenny: That's so damn homeless. You're homeless.
by Alex Horn April 21, 2008
Descriptive word, sort of comparing ones self to an actual homeless person in relation to clothes, appearance, etc. It is not actually paying out homeless people, rather going for an appreciation of how terrible something really is. Meant to be used as humour.
"But when he suprised me after class, I looked totally homeless that day"
"And they left me at the party all alone, I was totally homeless"
"Why're you being so homeless for?"
by JessMeister October 01, 2007
Politically correct term for a bum, deadbeat, wino, or loser. Usually this person is too lazy to support themselves.
Liberals prefer to call bums and winos homeless instead.
by Bob a Bowie January 03, 2008
adj. 1. as or pertaining to one without a home 2. A hobo 3. Someone or something that is amazingly lame beyond belief
Kyle, why did u ditch us and leave us hangin' at the movies?
Well i was going to come but ya' know how it is.
Dude, your so homeless.
by Burrke Hurr June 13, 2003
a loser who sits on the sidewalk rattling coins and yelling at people and stealing and uses the money to get stoned when nobody is looking
basically a proffessional beggar
i was walking downtown and the fucking homless person started assaulting me
by nothing September 27, 2004
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