A fly girl who grew up in the hood and has a sincere interest in her community. She epitomizes the essence of urban culture and the hood. She grew up in the hip hop era. Home girls defined hip hop and are rap aficionados. Back in the day, she most likely rocked a lot of Gucci and gold. She had an assymetrical hair cut, door knocker earrings, and always looked fly. Today she is a community activist that advocates for the well being of inner city residents. She always reps her hood and is the most compatible mate for a home boy. This is the original east coast hood defintion which is often used by black and puerto rican Americans which is very dfferent from the common west coast and mexican-american use of homegirl.
Rhonda is such a home girl. She got mad love for the hood.
by believer131 February 03, 2013
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a girl who is a friend to the end no matter what goes down you know SHE GOT YOUR BACK
zuli is my homegirl for life.
by nunya September 01, 2003
The girl who's always there to talk to and who can talk to you back about all kinds of stuff. You've been through a lot together.
Sam is my homegirl cause she always listens and comes through for me.
by Dan Preston May 21, 2004
Very similar to "around the way girl". The cute, but not hot "hott" neighborhood(usually urban) girl that is very good to date/sleep with. She's usually a hoodrat but a low key one and she gets more respect because she's a pretty cool person. She's the girl you SHOULD be interested in marrying because she'd be good to you, but you never will because she wasn't the hottest girl you ever met.
Hey man, I heard you're hittin' it with Chanel now. She's my home girl man, treat her right.
by Dwayne September 12, 2004
A very Hot girl that everyones wants. They want to hang with and to chill with. They will get married because there the best.
That Home Girl is so cool
by kamt April 23, 2009
someone who is pretty much like your sister. the greatest people in the world.
oh hey homegirl, you lookin' right in that shirt.
by homegirl jay. June 02, 2011
female version of "homeboy"
by Emar August 21, 2003
The girl who you are friends with but don't want a relationship. This may be because she is unattractive physically and/or mentally, or because you have tried dating her and it didn't work out. This is the girl you can talk to about anything, almost like she's one of the guys.
It's easier for me to talk to my home girl because there is no attraction or flirting going on
by Optical Epilepsy December 14, 2009
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