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A first person shooter/war simulator about a future war between U.S.A and Korea. It's a damn fun game with awesome 32 person multiplayer and great weapons,equipment and vehicles. The problem is that if you have a laggy connection, the game can turn into a pain in the ass. The hit detection will be innacurate, you will do some bouncing but not too much and some times people will out gun you due to bullshit. Being a low rank kinda sucks because of the early weps, but it gets better as you rank up. Remote control drones are fun as hell.
homefront ftw.
by annnnonnnnymous September 01, 2011
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alcohol of any kind. party fuel.

beer, wine, liquor.
"dude, can you pick up some homefront on the way home? we're almost out."

"this is sick--we have 3 fridges stocked with homefront."
by princereader January 24, 2010

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