To become a Homeboy, you engage in such activities, but not limited to: parties, dances, and other activities deemed acceptable by the Homeboys. Homeboys chase women and are kind of a big deal. This is the criteria of a Homeboy. Initiation consists of having duct tape ripped off of one's left nut.
Being a part of the Homeboys is one of the better things in life.
by HomeboyBrandon November 30, 2010
The act of a black chick calling her bruthas over to kick yo ass
Ima gunna get my home boys
by ejhls January 11, 2011
When this term originally began to proliferate in the 1970's it was a derogatory term for someone in the neighborhood who 'stayed inside the house"- had little experience, was afraid to take chances, wasn't cool, kinda sissified; a cat who stayed home with his momma.
Let's go to the store an' git some Now Or Laters...

Naw, I can't. Moms won't lemme ride my bike in the street.

Youse a real homeboy.
by lionstanding November 03, 2011
A slang term for 'bro' or 'dawg'. Also shortened to homie.
He is my homeboy, yo!
Wazzup, homie?
by newyorkcity May 14, 2009
A slang word for friend, family. Gangsters and raper's will use this word.
'' Yo homeboy, Drop by the club, smoke some shit ''
by Mariokev June 19, 2009
The term "homeboy" derrives from "homie", and each of those terms have been shortened down overtime as "homes", or sometimes spelled "holmes". The term was started by Mexican-Americans living in the barrios of Los Angeles, most commonly said in East Los Angeles. The term refers to friends/companions living in the same neigborhood as eachother. Which is why "HOME" is started before boy, thus creating "homeboy".
Person 1: Aye whats happening homeboy?
Person 2: nothing just chilling, you?
Person 1: about to go to Rob's house...
Person 2: who that? is he a homeboy?
Person 1: Nah... just some foo i kick it with from Grape Street.
by Eddie.P March 24, 2007
A friend from the same area or town that you are.
Trey? Yeah he's my homeboy from STL.
by Wildstallion06 June 20, 2005
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