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A turm that came From American Gi's In world war two To Idenity other soliders for their home towns,cities & states. It is more commonly used now as a turm To mean a friend from the neighborhood or a gang member
- That kid joe is Ok he's a home boy from st louie
by NLR718 June 03, 2006
closest friend
What it is, homeboy?
by D P September 24, 2002
A close friend.

Originally used among transplanted African-Americans with Southern roots to refer to and aid in the assimilation of someone who might have directly migrated from a common Southern home town or is otherwise well known to the person using the term.

Used to establish a mutual relationship between the invidividual using the term, the person described by it, and a third person.
That's my homeboy Carl.
by Glenn November 18, 2004
Guy to chill with. long-time friend.
Jesus is my homeboy!
by ali bee September 04, 2004
one of your peeps -- a good friend. derived from the spanish ''homebre''
que pasa home boy?
by Anonymous July 10, 2002
The epitome of a friend. Somebody you kick it with. A person who always has your back. You can't go through life without a homeboy. It's hard to have more than one, because they're one in a million.
You ain't shit without your homeboy - Tupac Shakur
by Poopdeck222 March 28, 2007
A vessel for spreading news, especially in the case of perps snatchin' yo people up, tryin' to rape 'em.
Run and tell THAT, HOMEBOY!
by RAKER69 August 23, 2010