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Noun., A person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home.
I'm a homebody, I don't want to go out; just come over and I'll make you dinner.
by Regnidde May 13, 2008
someone who doesn't like to go out. they ususally tend to keep to themselves.
don't ask her to come with us, she'll say "no" because she's a homebody.
by Sweet_Catastrophe January 09, 2006
(n. pl. -IES) With respect to social situations, one who prefers to stay at home rather than go out.
I invited Tom to go to the movies with us but he declined. He's more of a home body.
by Nick May 08, 2006
someone who sits around the house, not dressed up or acceptable to be seen in public.
"Man, I'm not going anywhere; I look like a homebody."
"Look at the girl wearing pajamas in Wal Mart, looking like a homebody."
by TJA09 March 21, 2010
Derived from the root word, busybody. Refers to a male human from an older generation whose rap styling or current friendships are "tight" and or close/cool.
Dude, you is my homebody.
by Strange, Sad old Man July 13, 2011
A gender neutral term used in reference to a friend or to patronize a neutral or unfriendly person. Once used extensively, now has fallen out of favor of general use.

pl. Homebodies
1) yo homebody, s'up?
2) homebody, you better back down
3) "who's at the party" "the usual homebodies"
by Faust July 09, 2005
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