A proper definition of a "home boy". Meaning a friend from around your home.(and/or see "hood") A label of repugnance to most, most of the "peoples" who use this term, seem to find it endearing... (rollseyes) Only in America!
"Yo yo yo my dawg! Let's roll all up on this bhome skillet/b and jack him for his shizzznit!!"
by Maddest MooSe October 14, 2006
A term of endearment used by rich boys, preps and players who have money, good looks, good college education, and have never had to suffer the hardship, brutality and deprivation of growing up in a real ghetto community.
"Wassup Home Skillet, you gonna come hang with us at Starbucks dawg?"

"Darren drops smokies in his 911 Turbo like a real home skillet, bro"

"Thats as cool as my Mustang's n' Madras, home skillet" (apologies to S.E. Hinton)

by RFS November 30, 2006
ghetto term of endearment for students of BGSU
She be my home skillet
by chachwood November 05, 2003
a scary ass ghetto ass nigga
an ebonic name for "friend or friendly acquaintance"
whats the deal homeskillet?
by tony February 11, 2003
a getto term of endearment, particularly used among BGSU students in contractual relationships
Jared is my home skillet and he is cool
by MLE November 06, 2003
Getto term for white boy accountant.
He be a home skillet up in this hizouse, Word to your mother.
by Jim Jones July 02, 2004
A fruit snack that has been sat on by a taxi driver for seven weeks and is still good to eat.
That was one tasty home skillet.
by Jeremy Jones October 13, 2004

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