when a homeschooler makes fun of a person.
1. bitch please, everyone knows that to divide fractions you have to turn the second fraction upside-down. you just got homeschooled bro!
by xskwizmx March 21, 2010
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One who is schooled at home usually in much smaller class sizes and on a one-to-one basis by a teacher who is genuinely interested in their student, resulting in a BETTER educated individual.
She was home schooled,and had a much better grasp of spelling and grammar than the average public-schooled retards of the town.
by Alison Hannigan June 24, 2006

Too be taught at home.Describing the process in which one or both parents keep their child out of public or private schools to better insulate them and indoctrinate them into their own world view. Often done by religious or anti science zealots to prevent their child learning alternate real world views.

slang: A put down said of another who struggles with any view outside their own.
I tried to talk to him about evolution, but he was home schooled and told me Noah brought Dinosaurs on his Ark.
by Hasbro July 05, 2006
There are different types of homeschooled.

Forced homeschooler. Usually, the kid spends his days in loneliness trying to learn on his own (unless his parents act like his teachers.) The kid will probably be in a sport (baseball) if the parents allow him to, and hang out with neighborhood buddies.

An enthusiastic homeschooler will be participating in every single extra-curricular activity available. Hates public schools. Has many friends from homeschool. Believes that the real world is bad and that you have to stay away from it.

Loved Homeschooler. Usually homeschooling parents will describe their kid as the “loved homeschooler”. His parents will be loving and caring people and they will make him participate in all kinds of dance, sports, art classes. Send them to malls and museums every 3 days, have them have 10 million friends. Such a homeschool family exists in about 5% in 1 million.

A sheltered homeschooler has no friends, never goes outside except to play with the little kids. Never gets any clothes because mom says you don’t need them because you never go out anyway. If the person is cyber-schooled, he usually surfs the web 24/7 and knows almost everything about the internet. Lies about doing his work, and is behind on it and is a huge procrastinator. This kid will probably go on Myspace, Facebook, Yahoo or some chat site and add random people to talk to in hopes of not losing their social skills. He spends his days moping, depressed and hypnotized with the internet.
Example 1:
Bob participates in the little league and plays outside with his friends. He has a meh life.

Example 2:
Sally: Oh hey what do you do during the weekends?
Jane: Oh I take Science classes
Sally: Oh wow. I relax at the mall.

Example 3:
Public School parent: OMG public school is so much better than homeschool! You can socialize, meet friends, play sports!
Homeschooled parent: NOO the kid needs to work at home. He also plays outside a lot, has many friends, goes to the mall, has parties…
Example 4: Beth spent her homeschooled years surfing chat websites. It’s no wonder she’s a social hermit.
by pinkbanana1673 August 23, 2011
When someone can't deal with morons in public school, they leave and start to deal with morons in home school. Because, clearly, public schools are temples to Satan and child pornography and should be treated as such. The solution, of course, is to bring kids home in order to completely shut off the child from the outside world and all sources of intelligent questions, thereby deliberately deviating from the Bible's mandate to free will. Public school kids are chronically pretty damn stupid and moral wastelands, and homeschooled kids are chronically terrible spellers and close-minded religious fanatics.

In other news, this will be voted down by every person born without a humour gland.
I am the mutant spawn of being home schooled, Catholic, a bisexual male, and a radical anarchist. I have now coalesced into the little-known Eighth Seal of the Apocalypse.

Shit's gonna go DOWN, mofo.
by Achlysis December 29, 2010
Word reffering to something that is lame, not exactly cool in society today. A very unpopular situation, person, object or any other noun you can think of.
"My phone is always broken, its so homeschooled"

"That new kid is so homeschooled"

"That restaurant was ridiculously homeschooled man, bad call"
by Mitchell Moss, Gettings/Kellen April 12, 2008
Someone who gets to spend all day at home, can get up at anytime, and pretty much has fun all day. Also homeschoolers my seem innocent but watch your back, they often turn out to be way cooler than you think. For some reason all homeschoolers seem to be HOT too.
School kid: What time did you get up?
home schooled kid: I think it was about ten. what about you?
School kid: 5:30
Homeschooler: HAHA sucker!
School Kid: what did you learn today?
Homeschooler: I pretty much just surfed the Internet, then I went to the mall, whatever, I read the back of a cereal box and my mom said that was good for school work, see I get fridays and mondays off....what bout you, what did you learn?
School kid: I had a test in science.....did you really surf the Internet all day............?
by Peter yaro March 02, 2008
When someone gets his or her education generally from a parent. Stereotypically people who are home schooled are rednecks, and people who are insanely religious, or politically backwards, or anti-science, or they get to slack off all day and sleep until 12:00. While in some situations this is true, not everyone is like this. Some people are just too damn soft and ignorant to believe that people need to learn to ''socialize'' at a young age. It is true that socializing is important, however there are many more vital things that need to be learned at a young age. Not all students are taught directly by they're parents; sometimes private schools will record classes all through the year and ship videos and dvds to the home schooler. The parent is more of a supervisor.
I'm home schooled and I'm liberal and not a socially backwards redneck that believes God hates gays. Nor do I get free rides on anything. It is true that I don't have very good social skills but a part of that is because I hate people.
by Mary Popacap August 31, 2010

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