the act of inserting both testicles into an anus or vagina and attempting to launch ejaculatory fluids as far as possible onto or over your partner while testicles remain inserted into such cavity.
Jake: "What did you and Jessica get into last night?"

Dirty D: "We went to Captain D's and then we had some fun at home. She is a freak. We started getting physical and then the next thing I know, I am playing home run derby with her.

Jake: "Aww man, you are sick. How did you do it?"

Dirty D: "When I got ready, I just slipped them in her ass and started shooting. I hit the head board once and her tits a couple times. It was a mess and my nuts stunk."
by HRD October 06, 2012
Top Definition
An orgy, or any occasion where lots of sexual intercourse is being had.
Last night's home run derby really tired me out, that was a lot of scoring!
by rhank April 15, 2008
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