When you didnt do your homework, and your in school, you can normally borrow the homework from a girl. Normally you would say "hey can i get the homework from last night". But if you want a little something extra, just say "hey can i get a homejob". A homejob is when a girl gives you their homework and after, before, or while they give you a blowjob. So you get your work done, and you get head!
"Hey michelle, can i get a homejob?"
"What's a homejob dan?"
"Rememeber last time I asked you for the homework?"
"Ohhh yeah, of course! I'd be glad to give you a homejob Dan!"
by dan vook May 16, 2007
Top Definition
An unprofessional, usually dodgy, modification or fix done at home. Generally looks crappy.
Yeah, it's a bit of a home job
by shiny1s August 29, 2010
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