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A home-fry is jus like saying homie. It basically means best friend.
"Hey, my home-fry, dan!!!" said by Stacey and Tracey.
"Hey my other home-fries Stacey and Tracey!!" said by dan.

You can use this on AIM or whenever you want.
by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
One who is a friend. Homie.
How's it going, home fry?
by xoLullaby March 15, 2005
buddy, homedog, best friend
"What's crack-a-lackin my homefry!!!""
by katey December 12, 2004
the coolest word to use when you're talking to your friends. especially in north carolina.
yo, what's up, homefry? can i get some ketchup and a corndawg with that?
by homenugget July 10, 2008
An ugly woman in a porno
That porno was great, until the Home Fry showed up
by taratiri October 31, 2010
The tragic and unfortunate event in which the home of a person residing in a ghetto or urban area burns to a crisp.
JC performed a home fry on RJ's crib, and to RJ's dismay, the fire extinguisher could not reverse the effects.
by Inbred Chocobo August 26, 2004