one of your best friends
you run into a friend and say "Whuddup, Homecheese!"
by Erik Z. April 17, 2005
Top Definition
Home cheese is synonymous with homie, home boy, home skillet, home slice and the seldom referenced home piece. All of these expressions are terms of endearment--in an urban context--and are meant to demonstrate affection and either familiarity or at least a similarity of circumstances. Home cheese dates from at least the late 1980s' early hip hop scene. It, along with home skillet was usually said in a somewhat ironic manner, i.e. it was purposely absurd.
Yo, what up home cheese? What be the haps?
by Hoopermazing June 01, 2006
A made up term used by Midwestern folks. Generally used when stumbling over words to cover up a general lack of cool names.
"Hey, I like that jacket... Home Cheese!"
by TheCheesiest September 13, 2011
A lazy little bastard that does nothing.
Get off the couch home cheese!!!
by nickkko June 09, 2005
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