A term of endearment used by rich boys, preps and players who have money, good looks, good college education, and have never had to suffer the hardship, brutality and deprivation of growing up in a real ghetto community.
"Wassup Home Skillet, you gonna come hang with us at Starbucks dawg?"

"Darren drops smokies in his 911 Turbo like a real home skillet, bro"

"Thats as cool as my Mustang's n' Madras, home skillet" (apologies to S.E. Hinton)

by RFS November 30, 2006
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A term of endearment. See also home stovetop.
Word up, my home skillet.
by evilhighpunkin December 15, 2003
Homies, cool people
What's Crackin' Laten Homeskillet.
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
home boy, homie, homeslice
"What up homeskillet?"
"Smokin blunts with the homies"
by Bob Boberts September 23, 2003
the new word for homey
zup my home skillet biscuit crisp
by chicken hat March 29, 2006
A really close friend closer then your homeslice
What up homeskillet you up for goin out tonight
by Angel STP May 04, 2006
good friend, someone who you are familiar with.
Whats up homeskillet
by Scrampson September 24, 2008
"yo, whatup my homeskillets!"
by Anonymous February 06, 2003

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