Hombro is a way of life.

It is any combination, no specific order of Homsher and Calabro, forming the mythical name Hombro.

Hombro can be pronounced as it sounds, or have the H be silent sounding (Ombro) with a carried out ooh sound.
That is so Hombro.

Only Hombro!

Whatsup Hombro?

There Hombro is again, going at it on the knees.
#cool #lame #weak #strong #interessting #life
by Scott Sean April 21, 2006
Top Definition
gay black man. A black man of the gay persuasion
Good lord look at that hombro.
#hombro sexual #bro #brother #black brother #black man #gay
by tom woodrow January 02, 2006
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