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the universal pronoun for "he, you, i"
Yo! hombre pass the bong will you
by Gedski December 04, 2003
33 76
Literraly means the Spanish word for "Dude", but is slang for homie or punk
Hey hombre-waz happening my man?
by justmegrace April 13, 2007
268 51
a man , a fellow(from spanish)
He had to keep an eye on the hombre with the ten-gallon hat.
by Light Joker January 08, 2005
149 81
lone rangers , dudes , strangers
we 2 hombres in a strange town, we gotta watch each others back, brother
by OG BIG TIMER March 13, 2005
16 6
beastly word literally to describe a dude in spanish but in a non retarded language, it means homie or good friend
Sup hombre
fuck you jewish turd
ill kick your ass hombre
no you wont cus were hombres
good point hombres
i love u
by No Name to the max baby December 04, 2008
69 83
Any male.
The Hombre over there tried to hit on my sister, let's go anal rape him...
by Gumba Gumba March 03, 2004
59 96
Another word for Zing, Pow and other words used to celebrate the 'pwning' of another person
Where did you put my squash?"......."Hombre
by hombreking July 28, 2010
19 60
latino slang used by mexican gangsters called cholos. See holmes
wuts happinin hombré
by cman b January 09, 2006
23 64