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A homosexual male who exhibits the aesthetic qualities of a hambone, including, but not limited to: collar popping, frequent tanning (often indoors) and excessive gym usage.
Hey, look at those hombones. I bet they're going to pop a lot more than collars tonight!

Hombone 1: Hey sweetums, wanna fool around?
Hombone 2: No, I gotta go to the gym. I shit you not, I just started a new cycle of 'roids.
Hombone 1: And I haven't worked my pecs in 3 days! What was I thinking? We can pound ass later!
Hombone 2: Yeah, let's go.
Hombone 1: You can't leave the house like that!
Hombone 2: Like what?
Hombone 1: Your collar's not popped!
Hombone 2: Sweet jesus.
by Szatty January 16, 2006
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