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the words homo, hobo, and dirtbag/douchebag combined into one snazzy word
that kids such a hombag!

whatta hombag, they should just go home

i like hombags...
by salty11 January 18, 2011
a hombag is a douchebag or dirtbag, a homo, a hombo, and a hobo combined into one easy-to-use word!
boy: will you date me?
girl: no sorry i only date hombags...
boy: oh, this is awkward...

girl 1:hombags are sexy, wouldn't you agree?
girl 2: oh yes, i think so too.

boy 1: i would go hombag for that hombag over there
boy 2: ..........
by salty11 January 22, 2011
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