a slut, prostitute, or whore
You're such a ho-ma when you go down on me as you do supercool!
by Barack Obama's new dog February 07, 2009
Top Definition
"hew hawt homas"
"homa hawt" or "hawt homa"
"where da homa at"
"pu tanga ni mo homa"
by assroop June 02, 2009
Ho~ma's : Of or refering to bitches, honeys, or other slang terms for females.
"Nah, couldn't have been me. I call all my bitches 'Homas'."

"Hey did you call up some 'homas' for the party this evening?"

by Birdmank January 29, 2006
H.O.M.A. stands for hellhole of mysterious answers. These classes are usually full of kids who have problems with school AKA speds. There is often more then 4 teachers in the room at a time. The main snack in these classes is glue.There are several degrees of H.O.M.A. There is first degree, which is the worst. Over 90% of the students in that class are speds. In first degree you have only one to two friends in that class. Second degree H.O.M.A. is bad but not nearly as bad as first. Second degree has about 80 to 85% of the class speds but you have 5 to 7 pretty good friends in there so you dont go compleatly insane. Now for the last degree of H.O.M.A. 3rd degree. Now 3rd degree consists of about 40 to 50% of the class speds. You have around 11 friends in the class and what usually happens is one side of the room is your friends and the other side is speds. This is the official deffinition of H.O.M.A.
O boy i think that H.O.M.A. will be very interesting today due to all the mysterious answers.
by HOMA SQUAD February 03, 2010
stands for high off my ass, usually from marajuana.
a. literally

b.making fun of someone.
also: HOYA
A. Person: yo where were you last night?

Me: dude, i was HOMA

B. Person: No! Elvis is still alive

Me: dude your a HOYA
by whatwhatinthebutt? June 16, 2010
A prostitute, crack-ho, or woman. (derog. or fam.)
Want a hit off my homa for some more supercool?
by alleywaykid January 08, 2008
I actually means grandmother in German, Holy Bird in Persian
I miss my homa very much
by Funkyduck August 25, 2005
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