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Describes a godlike person who knows pretty much everything and who has an enormously huge wiener.
Holy Holz! Look at that guy over there!
by Denny Crane Jr. January 21, 2008
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Describes a person who is always active 24/7 on forums and on Internet Relay Chat.
You are such a Holz.
by John McColl January 07, 2008
Skirt wearing dreadie homebro, gravitates towards latenight trance throwdowns in tent ridden open fields of fellow heads. Not above latenight negotiations for extra doses, nor early morning sleep disturbances resulting in vacating homebros.. If encountered in the wild, give a big "Holla!", do not make direct eye contact.
Holz says, "Fuck You You Fucking Fuck."
by Ben Schentko November 15, 2006
hows yo holz goin
by Hanry August 12, 2003

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