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the ultimate curse word. THE force to be reckoned with. You can't top it unless you added bitch, which doesn't flow as nicely. When holy crap, god damn, shit son and other terms do not suffice or express ones astonishment, suprise etc one turns to this word. Many people tend to use this term when they are watching something impressive or completely out of this world i.e Criss Angel, elephant doing a pig, or anything that Jon H. does
Jon: Holyshitfacemotherfuckingcuntbag! Criss Angel just ate his head in one bite WHAT THE HELLLLL??? HOLYSHITFACEMOTHERFUCKINGCUNTBAG HE JUST SPAT IT BACK OUT THATS FUCKING INSANE DUDE!
by bringin sexyback July 31, 2006

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